Confessions of a 6X Top Producer in
Network Marketing…

They gasped when I revealed this…

Our business is very similar to Elon Musk’s building his SpaceX company.


WE want to build a giant distribution network of people who WANT and need our products. Elon wants to build rockets to get to Mars.

How we’re the same as Elon…

Both of us can expect to have lotta speed bumps.

What he knows that nobody teaches us:

1) There WILL be speed bumps and
2) A unique way to use those speed bumps to get to our goal faster.

Discover how you can do that in 7 minutes - in the “go splat” video here…
Here's the path to go from "I can't sell..." to "OMG I got it now!"...6 hours from weak to confident.
  • How to "go splat" like Elon goes splat so your people ask to buy...
  • How to tap into the 2.9 Billion people on Facebook so your "sheep" hear YOUR voice (COLD->WARM->HOT)
  • How to call out your niche specifically (call them by name)
  • ​​What to say and do after they say, "Yes, I'm interested!" (Your diagnostic template like a doctor)
  • ​​Surprise contact words for Warm Market which gets massive GOOD referrals
  • ​BONUS: Templates, examples and checklists for all.
Want in? If you know you've got something that helps people because it's helped you, and you are determined to learn how to draw "the sheep who will hear your voice to you" AND you know THEY will be happy they bought...just like you're happy for things YOU buy, join us here.

Self paced. Once a moth LIVES with Kim Klaver personally, for any Q & A you have.

Hop in here if you want to be able to say "Yes I can!"
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